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19th December 2019

Earlier this year, Paint the Town Green was invited to leading colour psychologist Karen Haller’s launch of her new book ‘Little Book of Colour’. It was a fascinating evening. Karen is an absolute treasure trove of information where colour is concerned. The one revelation she shared that startled us the most was a piece of research that showed ‘75% of people in the UK design their homes for others to like it.’

We are strong advocates of Karen’s approach to building the colour and design scheme around the person and not the sofa. Like Karen says we believe in ‘working from the inside out on the basis that a person’s home is an authentic expression of their personality.’

This got the PTTG team thinking about what our customers do and how wall colour can impact how you feel about your home and your moods.

The Sunday Times asked only last September ‘Has grey had its day?’. On the premise that colour has been let off the leash in interiors, Katrina Burroughs explained this new found colour confidence was very simple. By surrounding ourselves with our favourite shades, we feel good and our homes become happier and more inviting places.

LuxDeco – an online destination for discovering high end furnishings firmly believes there is a strong correlation colour and a person’s emotion.  In their piece on colour psychology in interior design, they say the first step is to decide what kind of atmosphere you want to create.

Many of Paint the Town Green customers lean towards blues and greys. Blue, Lux Deco say, is one of the strongest hues of the colour psychology spectrum. Light blues bring calm and tranquillity to the home whereas dark blues evoke confidence and other admirable qualities such as loyalty, trust and success. This interestingly translates back to which rooms our customers tend to choose blue. Boot rooms and boys’ bedrooms – arguably two rooms with chaotic potential are often a relaxing light blue, like our Pure Shores. Kitchens often favour dark blue which is a great colour for conjuring up culinary delights with panache if the psychology is to be believed.

Paint The Town Green

Grey is still a popular colour that people have in their home and despite the trend for warmer neutrals, grey is still a very popular shade for all rooms in the home. Not even Kirsty Allsopp’s recent plea to homeowners to think twice about grey interiors as ‘grey indoors swallow light’ has turned homeowners off. From a colour psychology point of view, it is thought to influence perceptions of security, intelligence and solidity. As well as create a sense of calm and composure. However, there are ‘fifty’ shades of grey so surely the shade itself contributes to mood. If soft and delicate like our Private Universe, it creates a more composed sense perhaps whereas a dark grey like Dark Side of the Moon conjures up enhanced solidity.

Warm neutrals (browns and beiges) can sound so uninviting but actually enhance feelings of comfort and relaxation. It’s cosy and is according to Lux Deo to be a symbol of structure, support and stability. It is therefore no wonder at all why it lends itself so well to areas throughout the home providing a timeless look. Strong, masculine Agate from The Stones by Nicky Haslam is a great choice for studies or media rooms. Pictures of You is a sophisticated, classic neutral that looks dreamy in homes. For a bit more punch, Charlotte Sometimes, Circle in the Sand or Dignity look great as seen with this project that Paint the Town Green worked on with interior design duo Salvesen Graham.


Not just for little girls’ rooms! Pink is a favourite in all rooms of the home. Regarding room colour psychology, it denotes nurture, love and femininity. We have two pinks in our collection that are used all over the home. London-based luxury interior lifestyle brand Salon Libertine recently painted her walls in Sweet Caroline, a dusky pink that inspired her new colourway Rococo Pink and Peridot is the pink that without fail gets ‘his’ sign off. Model and blogger Megan Taylor who chose Peridot for the inside of her shelf recesses says it’s the most ‘happy-making colour’ and her husband Liam loves it!

When it comes to uplifting interior room colours, yellow is a winner. If you want a colour which will enhance your relationship with that room, yellow is connected with joy, optimism and energy. This vibrant shade can work in bedrooms, bathrooms and even living rooms or kitchen. One customer breathed new life into their kitchen cupboards with Nicky Haslam’s Tiger’s Eye  from The Stones collection. Rich and intense – just like the amber of a tiger’s eye, it works brilliantly on furniture and makes for extremely stylish interiors.

Paint The Town Green

It is astonishing how room colour can effect your mood which is why green is again an extremely popular choice in homes. We wrote a blog about it the year greenery was the Pantone Colour of the Year. It is an extremely positive hue as it brings about a feeling of balance, growth and restoration. Ideal if you want your home to be a retreat from the overstimulated day to day – a place where you can re-calibrate. Its connection to nature is a given, especially for city dwellers where it can make sense to decorate using shades of green. Where to start though with green – as there are so many shades. Scarborough Fair is a gorgeous muted favourite for living rooms, bedrooms and hallways. Erika Sharpio chose fresh dusky Hazy Shade of Winter for her yoga studio Yogi Yoga giving off the same transcending vibes as a luxury spa.

Paint The Town Green

And finally red – one of the more dramatic colours. Deemed passionate and energetic, red is a powerful colour. Whether it’s a true Ruby red or a deep burgundy like Purple Rain which is an intoxicating aubergine – it’s an energising colour for creative spaces.

Paint The Town Green

We haven’t covered the whole rainbow but Lux Deco covers off the whole colour spectrum. As a fun exercise look at the colours and see what colours you are instinctively drawn too and then read the emotion that colour psychology deems that colour is connected too and see if it rings true.

And when it comes to choosing colour for your home, ask yourself two things. Is it creating the right vibe remembering that your choice of colour should be an expression of you and it really doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. You are living in your home – not the Jones next door. As the American interior designer Bunny Williams famously said ‘If you love something, it will work.’


Paint the Town Green offer an in-house colour consultancy. Our eco-friendly paints have the lowest possible levels of VOCs making them a better choice for you and the environment. All water based, they are odourless, quick drying and come in three finishes: matt, wipeable or eggshell.

For more information about our paints or for a decorating quote, please visit our showroom at 39a&b Allfarthing Lane or call us on 020 8871 0531.

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