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Ethical Manifesto

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We understand the importance of our output and how this can negatively or positively impact our environment. We also understand it’s difficult to make positive change overnight. We are chipping away at our business model and interrogating where sustainability progress can be made. We are working towards removing single-use plastic from our sites and are named supporters of Prince Charles' Terra Carta - a charter that encourages sustainability in the private sector. 


Our Approach



We don’t always have full control on sites as we are brought on as sub-contractors on bigger projects. However, where we can implement our sustainable strategies, we use the following:

  • B-Corp Certified Eco Union Biodegradable dust sheets
  • B-Corp Certified Eco Union Biodegradable paint kettles and trays
  • B-Corp Certified Eco Union Recycled drop tape
  • Recyclable wooden floor protection
  • Plastic-free paper masking tape
  • Eco-friendly paint products (we always recommend using certain paints that are better for your environment – you can talk more to your Estimator about what you would like to use).
  • We provide all of our painters with PTTG bags and water bottles to use instead of plastic bags and bottles
  • We use a dustless sander which filters the air to the size of 0.1 microns and expels it more efficiently for the customer and our team. This is particularly useful in heritage work. 
  • Raluca drives an electric car for work.
  • We use two electric vans


Creating a happy home

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Trees for Cities

We work with Trees for Cities and donate a tree for every project we undertake in 2022 - we also did this in 2021. By planting trees in urban spaces, we are helping to preserve some of our most iconic tree species, as well as improving air quality and well-being in urban spaces. 

Scientists increasingly believe that restoring nature could provide a third of of the CO2 reductions needed by 2030 to keep heating below 2C, and the UN declared that 2021-30 would be a decade of ecosystem restoration. We hope to be a part of this. 


DIY Upcycling tips

We like to collaborate. If you have a sustainable product, service or idea that you think might help Paint the Town Green or work for a charity that you think we should know about, please get in touch by emailing us below.