How long will it take?

This often depends on your requirements - if you need something done in a certain amount of time, we have the team and resources to make it happen though this can impact your living experience if you're in the property. You need to let us know what things you need access to such as where you will sleep, the kitchen and the TV and how long you'd like it to take and we will suggest a timeframe from there. 

How far in advance do I need to book?

We generally have a six week lead time but if you need your work completed before this, please always get in touch. We have a large team and can sometimes become available unexpectedly or move things around to fit you in. 

What will it cost?

There are several important variables when it comes to painting and decorating which are factored into our pricing:

  • Preparation - sanding and rubbing down of surfaces means things adhere properly. If this stage is rushed or overlooked, it will look great for a month or two and then start to flake and peel. 
  • Correct base coats and products used - if you don't use the right primers and base products, things will start to flake and peel. Ensuring the longevity of the work takes time. 
  • Materials - we include all necessary materials in our estimates. If you haven't yet selected the paint you want to use, we will still put in a provisional cost so that you have an understanding of the approximate total amount. Often estimates don't include this and it can come as a surprise when you get started. 
  • Equipment - we have all of our own equipment and you will never need to provide us with anything. 
  • Protection - from dust sheets to floor protection and tapes, we use different types of protection for different things to minimise the potential for paint to get anywhere it shouldn't and ensure things like door knobs, handles and switches are properly protected. We don't expect you to protect your furniture, we handle this. 
  • Insurance - all of our team is fully insured and in the unlikely event that something goes wrong, we will cover it. 
  • Correct access - from scaffolding to ladders, we will always use correct access to ensure the job is done properly and to minimise the risk of accident.
  • Management & Accountability - from communication to supervision and Client Liaison, you will always have full communication from us which means you'll have an efficient, stress-free project with true timings and snagging that is dealt with promptly and properly.

It's so important we have a consultation so that we can assess the requirements together and understand the scope of works properly. We will always give a knowledgeable, unbiased opinion that you can trust. 

Can you help with other trades?

With 25 years experience we’ve got connections in every trade and are very happy to coordinate and supervise everything so that you just have one point of contact and there are no accountability issues.

Is it a regular team?

Yes - we have a regular team and new members join us via a thorough recruitment and onboarding process. Where appropriate, our team are DBS checked. The team have regular check-ins with our people & culture team to ensure good communication and staff satisfaction. We aim to make Paint the Town Green a place our teams love to be. 

Are there only certain paint brands you can use?

Whilst we encourage the use of natural paints with low VOCs, we will paint whichever brand you like. We will always make suggestions for eco paint brands we like to use but we are not tied to a single brand and have flexibility.