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Exterior Decorating

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We have painted the outside of hundreds of homes and like interior painting, the key is in the preparation. As part of our process, we assess for rotten timber or crumbling render to confirm the project is properly scoped and always suggest the best solution for your project.  

We work with several reputable scaffolding companies so that the work can be carried out safely and efficiently. For those concerned about security, we can fit a temporary alarm to the scaffolding while the works take place.


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The fillers and paints used for exterior decorating don’t perform as efficiently at low temperatures or in damp conditions so trying to carry out exterior decoration in wet and cold conditions will compromise the longevity of the work. For this reason, we generally advise clients not to carry out exterior work between Halloween and Easter. However, it is wise to get the work estimated for as soon as possible so we can get it booked in to start when Spring arrives.