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Colour Consultancy

The world of paint is vast and ever growing. Colour is hugely impactful and clever combinations can be the silver bullet in creating successful interiors-led spaces. With years of experience painting client's homes, our Creative Consultant will help bring your space to life through well-considered colours and schemes. 

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What is it?

You may see a colour you like on Instagram and be unsure as to how to incorporate it into your scheme so that everything works cohesively together. Or you may have a whole house which is being redecorated and choosing a colour and finish for every surface is overwhelming. From your walls to woodwork through to ceilings and joinery, there’s a lot to specify and we’re here to help. Our Colour Consultant has had enormous success helping our clients create beautiful schemes and optimise their spaces – making bold choices they may have been nervous about or finding paired-down solutions that aren’t boring.


Who we work with

We have five partners who we use in our consultations:

  • COAT
  • Edward Bulmer
  • Graphenstone
  • Little Greene
  • Paint and Paper Library

All of these interior paints are low VOC (fume level) and water-based but they vary in terms of ingredients and production. If you’d like to know more about their eco credentials, please look at their websites and technical specs.


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The consultation is an hour long; during which our Creative Consultant will walk through your space with you (in person or on Facetime) and you’ll decide on schemes together using colour swatches.

48 hours before your consultation, our Creative Consultant will request:

  • Pictures of the space
  • A brief summary of what you’d like to achieve in the space such as incorporating existing furniture into a new aesthetic
  • Any initial ideas or inspiration you may already have as this helps us get a steer of your natural style.
  • What direction the room faces

In receiving this information ahead of time, we can come fully prepared which makes the consultation as efficient and comprehensive as possible.

Price: We charge £150 for the initial consultation which lasts approximately an hour. You will receive a PDF detailing the colours and finishes specified per room with links to the paints to view & buy online where necessary. If you have a particularly large house or comprehensive decorating that requires more time, we charge £50 for every subsequent half hour though this can be discussed in advance.*

*This is all deducted from the cost of your decorating invoice if you use us as your decorators.