Exploring Sustainable Practices at Paint The Town Green

The 21st century has borne witness to an extraordinary transformation in consumer tastes and preferences, where an undeniable buzzword has emerged as an integral facet of discerning consumer needs: sustainability. 

Across the expanse of our planet, conscientious consumers have embarked upon a resolute journey. Whilst taking deliberate strides towards embracing conscious consumption, we are working to cultivate sustainable habits that transcend immediate desires. By developing such habits, consumers now have an unwavering commitment to ensure a prosperous legacy for future generations to inherit. 

An industry that finds itself intimately acquainted with the tides of transformation is none other than the realm of painting and decorating. Amidst the concrete jungle where grey towers rise and exhaust fumes blaze with the wind, a vibrant revolution has been undertaken. In the heart of this urban chaos, Paint The Town Green has emerged as a force of change, and we hope you join us in (metaphorically) painting the town green. 

We have embarked on a daring quest to transform this landscape, not just with strokes of colour but with a vision of a greener and sustainable future. We understand the impact we have on the environment and hence, we are chipping away at our business model and actively embarking on sustainability initiatives. From removing single-use plastics to working with eco-friendly paint brands, we embrace sustainability as our muse. 

In this article, we will discuss how you can make a difference in the environment with little steps and bigger differences!

1. Building Environmentally-Friendly Practices

We build environment-friendly rooms by using sustainable practices

We know that building a  fully sustainable business isn’t an overnight success. However, making gradual and incremental changes is the first step towards sustainability. At Paint The Town Green, we commit to this process and whilst we don’t have full control as subcontractors for bigger projects, it is always at the forefront of our minds. We believe that small changes make a big difference. 

 We try our best to implement sustainable strategies across our construction sites. Our products and tools, where possible, are B Corp Certified and we use an electric car and two electric work vans to reduce our emissions when travelling to and from jobs.  We also offer all of our painters PTTG bags and reusable water bottles to minimise the use of single-use plastic. 

At our workplace, we use a dustless sander which filters the air to the size of 0.1 microns, thereby reducing our carbon footprint. This is particularly great when we undertake heritage projects at PTTG. Although our initiatives are moving in the right direction, , we appreciate that there are always practices and materials that can make our company more sustainable. We like to remain accountable and completely transparent, so if you have any questions or suggestions, be sure to talk to your Project Manager.

Contact us to get started on your journey! 

2. Using Low Emission And Water-Based Paints

Water based paints are used as a sustainable practice to minimise the impact on environment

More often than not, the paints available in the market are manufactured with chemicals that can cause a variety of negative environmental effects. These often emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that eventually become hazardous air pollutants. 

VOCs when released into the air generate emissions and contribute towards the formation of greenhouse gases. Moreover, these can lead to health issues such as eye irritation, breathing issues or frequent headaches. In addition to this, they can contaminate the groundwater and drinking water. 

On the contrary, water-based paints can minimise the impact on the environment as the water evaporates from them on usage. With these products, you are also less likely to damage the air quality of your home. 

In addition to this, water-based paints are quick to dry, easy to apply and low on odour. No wonder these are considered better alternatives to oil and solvent-based products. 

Want to know our favourites? We swear by Graphenstone and Edward Bulmer who offer plastic-free and responsibly made paint in the market.  A noteworthy mention of COAT’s adhesive-free and recyclable paints that are slowly making it to our list of favourite brands. 

3. Reducing Single-Use Plastic

In these times where environmental concerns have become of paramount importance, it is crucial to acknowledge the detrimental impact of disposable plastic materials on our environment. Single-use plastic can pose significant challenges when it comes to our sustainability efforts.

Whilst this might sound trivial to many of you, avoiding the use of plastic in the decorating industry is not an easy task. From protecting surfaces and furniture to disposable paint trays and brushes, the reliance on single-use plastics is ingrained in traditional practices. Unfortunately, this contributes to the ever-increasing problem of plastic pollution and exacerbates the global waste crisis. 

It is essential to recognise that this change is well within our grasp. Exploring eco-friendly alternatives such as cotton dust sheets for furniture protection, reusable paint trays and brushes, and recyclable wooden floor protections are an excellent way to start. By embracing these alternatives, we are taking significant steps towards minimising our carbon footprint and promoting a sustainable future. 

4. Urban Greening and Biodiversity Conservation

We plant trees to reduce carbon footprint as a sustainable practice to protect the environment.

One of our significant contributions, to counteract our carbon footprint, is our partnership with Trees for Cities, an urban greening and biodiversity conservation initiative we have taken on board, here at Paint The Town Green. 

With rapid urbanisation taking place all over the World, we recognise the importance of preserving nature within urban landscapes and hence donate a tree for every project we undertake during the year. 

This is our humble attempt to preserve iconic tree species and improve the air quality in urban areas. Not only do these efforts enhance the aesthetic of cities but also foster a healthier and sustainable environment for residents and wildlife alike. 

Make a Positive Difference With Paint The Town Green 

We believe that simple changes play a crucial role in driving positive change towards the environment. Whilst we are far from perfect, we acknowledge and are working towards a more sustainable business. We hope that our reduction of  single-use plastics and other environmentally-friendly practices set a good example and show others in our industry that change is possible. 

We know that we are at the start of our venture when it comes to sustainability, however, we hope to create a ripple effect and inspire individuals to take action and make a positive change. 

With our continued efforts and the support of our partners and community, we believe we can collectively transform our towns and cities, collectively painting them green. 

Reach out to us for more information on starting your sustainable painting and decoration journey!