Why The Limewash Paint Trend Is Here To Stay  

As the home of modern painting and decorating in London, we’ve seen a huge increase in demand for Limewash paints in 2023. With its low toxicity, eco credentials, and authentic lived-in feel, the limewash paint trend doesn’t look to tail off any time soon. 

We asked Charlotte Cropper, colour consultant at Bauwerk Colour, why Limewash is here to stay...

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What are limewash paints?

CC: Bauwerk Limewash is a natural paint made from clay, minerals and beautiful natural pigments. It's essentially a thin layer of limestone that dries on your wall by taking in carbon dioxide from the air, just as plants do.

Photo: Our recent Limewash Project in Islington (scroll down for case study) 



Why are we seeing a surge in the popularity of Limewash?

CC: Limewash paints have always been popular, but I think we are seeing a surge in popularity post-pandemic due to the demand and awareness of creating not just happy homes but healthy homes: healthier for us and healthier for our planet.

Dive deeper into the benefits and applications of Limewash Paint and discover why it's a popular choice for sustainable home decor.

We demand so much from our homes; they must make us feel good and simultaneously be our safe space; they must be beautiful while still allowing us to grow. We are more aware of what we put in our homes: the materials we use, where they come from and their impact on the environment. Finding products that encapsulate all of the above can be tricky, but this, I believe, is where limewash comes in.

What feel does Limewash bring to a home?

CC: Gosh, where to begin. Limewash brings depth, texture, character and personality into a home. It creates a visual warmth and, most importantly, breathes the soul into a space.

What are the benefits of using limewash paints?

CC: Limewash paints are made from calcium carbonate, which absorbs carbon dioxide from the air, just like trees. They are made of natural renewable resources and preservatives with natural antibacterial qualities, which allow our walls to breathe and create a healthy home environment.

Our paint colours are made using natural pigments sourced from all over the world. The beauty of using limewash is that no matter what colour you choose, it's a celebration of organic materials and the innate beauty of pigments.


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What colours will be popular in 2024?

CC: Grounding and natural colours will continue to reign in 2024. Think soft, warm neutrals that celebrate the natural world, like MykonosBoneHoar FrostIbiza and Barley. Muddy plaster pinks have seen a surge this year, and I think that will continue with tones like RyeNougat and Caravane. Home is our sacred space; it's our sanctuary, and the colours we choose will continue to reflect this.

Bronwyn, co-founder and the artist behind all the colours at Bauwerk created a collection of colours celebrating the individuality of each of The Hoxtons' locations.  “That’s what is important for me (in a colour collaboration)–that I make the colours for you and that I also try to tap into what you feel about the colours we’re creating.'"

A case study: Limewash in Islington

India Hessian Design instructed us to apply limewash paint to the interior of this stunning two bedroom apartment in Islington. The overall finish is a modern yet rustic aesthetic with the textured blue limewash in the main bedroom capturing the clients love of the sea. Click here for a tour of the living room.

We recently visited our master limewash applicators who were busy adding the finishing touches to this stunning project. Whilst we were there, we caught five minutes with interior designer India, to ask why she thinks the Limewash paint trend is here to stay. 

Limewash Christmas Chair v2

An interior designer's POV on Limewash

"What I love about the lime wash paint trend, and why I think it's here to stay..."

  • It can add warmth, depth & character to a cold blank room.

  • The colour options are vast

  • Limewash sits well with modern furniture so it doesn’t appear stark

  • Limewash can be very forgiving on wonky walls, especially if you run it up and onto the ceiling.

Words by India Hessian

Our painters used Bauwerk Colour for this limewash project in the below tones. 

Living room and hallway

Walls – Bone, Bauwerk Colour

Main bedroom

Walls – Water, Bauwerk Colour

Second bedroom

Walls – Still, Bauwerk Colour

At Paint The Town Green our mission is to revolutionise the painting and decorating industry. We're delighted that limewash, with its natural compounds and environmentally gentle formula, is here to stay. 

If you're looking to incorporate limewash into your 2024 redecoration plans, then why not get in touch and start the conversation? 

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