Top Colour Tips by Phil Robinson

21st June 2016

Paint The Town Green

From Phil Robinson, Founder of Paint the Town Green

1. Keep it simple, less is more. Shadows or angles of walls can create different perceived shades so test the colour in different areas of a room
2. Look at your samples at different times of the day and night as the light can make a big difference to how you perceive your colour
3. A dado rail provides an opportunity to have a bolder colour above or below it or you might want a subtle colour on the walls then pick out the woodwork in something other than white for contrast
4. Include bolder colours with a feature wall. It adds depth to a room and provides a point of interest without being overpowering
5. If you are planning more than one colour in a room, try them next to each other
6. Build a colour scheme around something in the property, for example, a fabric, piece of furniture or one of the colours from the tiles on the floor of a Victorian hallway
7. Think about the mood a colour will generate. A soporific shade for the bedroom might seem like a great idea for bedtime, but will it work when you’re trying to get up on a winter morning.

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