The green green grass of home

7th July 2017

Paint The Town Green

Green is all around us. Wimbledon, the only green grand slam was in full swing last week. The trees are bursting with foliage and with the British weather remaining typically undecided this summer, garden lawns are rich in texture and abundant in colour.

Earlier this year, the Pantone Colour Institute named ‘Greenery’ as the colour of the year. Symbolically, this accolade is a colour snapshot of the current global culture, representative of overriding moods and attitudes. Within this the desire to reconnect with nature is evident. Traditionally associated with healing, greenery is symbolic of new beginnings. Pantone say that as life-affirming shade, greenery is emblematic of the pursuit of personal passions and vitality. 

Green is also an extremely versatile colour for interiors. The right green can calm, energise or infuse a room with happiness. Soft greens ground a room, bright limes are invigorating, green with grey undertones give a sleek modern look and muted olives are wonderfully vintage. Founded in nature, it goes with anything too: blues, reds, pastels, metallics, neutrals and even pinks.

With several shades of green in the range, Paint the Town Green are ultimately respectful of nature. Without compromise, our paints are eco friendly, have no toxic fumes or nasty odour. Earlier this year, we collaborated with Interior Designer of the Year, Nicky Haslam and launched ‘The Stones’, a collection of sophisticated colours, inspired by gemstones and minerals, that Haslam says he has “always loved” but not been able to find in existing ranges.

We love Nicky Haslam’s “Feldspar“, a mossy, shimmering golden green similar to an oil slick on water, providing a stunning background for furniture and ornaments in the home.

Wonderful World is a modern take on a English vintage and would look particularly pretty in a child’s bedroom.

The Fields of Athenry is a soft and gentle summer meadow green with a calming influence.

Scarborough Fair is a relaxing green with a touch of soft grey to pull the colour in an  interesting direction. Ideal for either cosy country cottages or smart townhouses.

Hazy Shade of Winter is a fresh dusky green that creates a tranquil atmosphere, like a luxury spa treatment.

So, whether your preference is for muted country greens or bright modern limes, nautical aquas or relaxing sage or olive, this year’s colour celebrates all shades of green and this definitely gets our stamp of approval.

For more information on our paints and decorating services, please pop in to our showroom at 39 a&b Allfarthing Lane, and see for yourself our full range of colours. 

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