Why we want to paint the town green

Back in 2007 when Phil was looking for less toxic paint for his baby daughter’s bedroom, he couldn’t find what he was looking for, so he decided to create his own eco-friendly range.

Our high quality 100% water-based paints have the bare minimum of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). These are the potentially harmful components that are common place in conventional paint. Our paint is odourless and free from toxic-fumes eliminating the need to air a room after it’s been painted. This pioneering approach led to Phil winning a Green Award from Wandsworth Council way back in 2007.

Our paint is made using environmentally-friendly methods of production that cause the least amount of damage to the planet as possible. One factory in Iceland uses power from volcano and wind. This hydro and geothermal power method has been given an official green audit. In one of our other factories in Sweden, two-thirds of energy comes from wind farms or water power. This will rise to 100% by 2021.

We use plant-based binders to bind the colour pigments and neither our paints or the raw materials in them are tested on animals. We try to make transportation sustainable too by minimising our carbon footprint and only using export containers that would otherwise be returning to the UK empty. And of course we recycle as much as possible, from paint tins and the ink cartridges we use in our showroom through to onsite sheeting or wallpaper offcuts. As much as we are interested in decorating trends, eco for us has never been fashionable. It’s just always felt like the right thing to do.