Peek inside this freshly painted family home

28th October 2016

Paint The Town Green

A family with two young children, a toddler and a baby recently bought this beautiful family home. They wanted to redecorate all the walls and ceilings before unpacking but needed to live in the property whilst the painting was done.

They chose to come to Paint The Town Green because our paints are extremely low VOC, meaning there are no nasty paint fumes that leave you with a headache or feeling sick. As our paints are non toxic, the family felt happy having their children in the home whilst the decorating was done. They loved our colours so much, they painted their whole house, not just the children’s rooms.

We love the way they chose to have our colour Pictures of You on all the corridors and then choose colours that complimented this in each of the rooms, giving a flowing sense of unity and synergy to the house.

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