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24th April 2018

Paint The Town Green

Recently we ran a free prize draw competition with our friends @NappyValleyNet. We only asked that people picked their favourite blue from our collection. When we got the results in, we couldn’t help but feel a tad surprised. We wondered if people had simply chosen the blue they generally liked best rather than which blue they would use to paint the walls in their home.

First up was strong and honest Fisherman’s Blue. Pure Shores came a close second and Powder Blue third. Night Swimming which is probably our best-selling blue at this particular moment in time and very much on trend didn’t feature much at all.

This made us think more about a person’s relationship with colour. Most people have a favourite colour which features a lot in their wardrobe, possessions or home accessories. Wall colour however seems to not quite follow suit. We wondered why it was that certain colours were popular for certain rooms in the home.

We know that colour has a big impact on how the brain sees the world. Your brain feels a different emotion to each. According to, dark blue for example is associated with night time and passivity. Blue and green are calming as is pink, whereas red is for those who like to live life on the edge – full of excitement.

This is fundamentally why colours like blue, purple, grey and brown are popular in bedrooms. Blue in particular is a favourite choice as it frees the mind. Kitchens are more versatile and use whites, greys, blues, reds, yellows and greens – all to help create a warm and welcoming space and when it comes to living rooms, it seems that anything goes – it comes down to personal preference. wrote recently a fascinating blog on the psychology of colour in room interiors. They say that colours act three ways: active, passive or neutral. Light colours are expansive making any rooms seem lighter and brighter whereas dark colours are sophisticated and warm giving rooms a more intimate feeling. Dark Blue – like our Night Swimming – evokes peace, tranquillity and peace.

In summary:

  • Red – signifies danger and passion making it a great colour choice for dining rooms.
  • Pink – once considered to be a masculine hue 100 years ago (!) now stands for romance, playfulness and is thought to induce calm.
  • Orange – quite simply energises.
  • Yellow – Also shown in studies as the colour most likely to make babies cry! It can channel optimism and happiness.
  • Green – Regarded as restful and in accordance with nature. From cheerful uplifting lime green to more soothing bluer variants for a spa feel. It’s a great colour for home workspaces as it helps you concentrate.

NB: Here in the showroom this blog is being ‘writ’ between walls painted with Nicky Haslam’s Tiger’s Eye (yellow) and Feldspar (green)so there’s no excuse for not appearing upbeat and focussed!

  • Blue – This is the favourite colour around the world in general. It is a cool soothing colour and stimulates creativity. In the home, cooler blues are easy to balance with accessories and fabrics for a warmer feel.
  • Purple – Once associated with wealth, royalty and power because it used to be an extremely expensive colour to produce, it now signifies luxury. Eggplant – like our Purple Rain (named no less after one of the late godfather of pop’s most famous songs) makes a room feel rich and sophisticated.

We have blues to suit all rooms of the home. Inky and ambiguous Night Swimming is a favourite for bedrooms, hallways and kitchens.

Powder Blue is often chosen for boot rooms and boy bedrooms. Paint the Town Green founder Phil describes Powder Blue as ‘the kind of relaxing blue you would like to look up and see in the sky on a cloudless day’.

Paint The Town Green
Paint The Town Green

Pure Shores, a grey infused blue with depth and subtlety is popular also in bedrooms and Fisherman’s Blues – a true blue, strong and honest looks stunning in downstairs cloakrooms. There is also of course Nicky Haslam’s Blue John which is a soft blue with a hint of lavender. Nicky designed it to have a very ‘relaxing quality for the eye’.

Our winner – who has yet to choose their free pot of lovely eco-paint – voted for Powder Blue as it was a lovely fresh colour which they’d like to see in either their son’s bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. See? This colour psychology stuff really does all stack up!

For further inspiration, check out our new ‘Moody Blues’ Pinterest board to see blue works its magic throughout the rooms of the home.


Paint the Town Green is a bespoke decorating company with its own range of high calibre eco-friendly paints which have the lowest possible levels of VOCs, making them a better choice for you and the environment. All water based, they are odourless, quick drying and come in three finishes: matt, wipeable or eggshell.

For more information about our paints, for a free colour consultancy or for a decorating quote, please visit our showroom at 39a&b Allfarthing Lane or call us on 020 8871 0531.

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