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14th February 2020


Paint the Town Green met Lovestruck Interiors at a Decor Cafe event many moons ago and we’ve always been keen to work on a project together. One of Lovestruck’s best sellers is the Kids Rule height chart.  These wooden personalised height charts come in either Imperial or Metric measurements (or both) and can be personalised with a family name or message in white, eg: The Baker Boys Rule. Last year Lovestruck joined forces with us to produce a limited edition Summer range of painted rulers using four of our lovely interior eco-paint colours. They went down so well – it was followed up with a limited edition Winter range and now Lovestruck are offering customers an eco-paint range which is any colour from the Paint the Town Green colour chart. Catch those growth spurts!

Big fans ourselves – we have all the limited edition colours on display in our showroom which attract so many passers by – we thought we’d ask Amy from Lovestruck a few questions about them and her company and let our customers have the full low down:

Can you please tell us a little bit about how Lovestruck Interiors came about – how did it all start?

Lovestruck came about whilst I was looking for a Christening gift for my twin Nephews back in 2011 – I wanted to give them something unique that would have some longevity and meant something personal but wasn’t going to be tucked away in a drawer. I realised a height chart would be a great ‘twin’ gift and was something that could evolve with the whole family and become part of their story – I couldn’t find anything special enough and so I made my own.

Your Kids Rule height chart is one of your best-selling items – can you please tell us a little more about them, how they are made and how the eco-range with PTTG came about?

We make all of our height charts by hand in the studio. They are designed with a nostalgic nod to the ‘old school’ wooden ruler and this original design continues to be our best seller. We offer natural wood options in various colours and all of our height charts can be personalised. Naturally as our products are for families, offering a range without harmful chemicals is really important to us. Paint the Town Green obviously tick the ‘eco’ box for us but added to this, the range of colours, exceptional quality of the paint and the fabulous team sealed the deal.

Lovestruck Interiors is more than just an e-shop – tell us about the services you offer?

We have always offered a furniture painting service from our studio in Wimbledon and that continues to be something we enjoy doing – working with our clients to breathe a new lease of life into often very loved and practical pieces that just don’t fit in with their décor anymore. As well some of our best sellers on the website are our more quirky, unusual items such as our papier-mache cow heads and wonky vases made from recycled glass. With so much mass market homeware and furniture available now I think these unusual items seem to have the most appeal.

Do you have a favourite Paint the Town Green colour? Or a few perhaps? Can you tell us why you like them..

I love a dark blue and Night Swimming is a strong contender – it has great depth and a slightly inky grey tone to it – I absolutely love it – that’s probably my favourite colour actually. Pure Shores is also very popular with our customers, a lighter blue and a great option for a nursery or child’s room. We want our height charts to become heirlooms so the colours need to have longevity – no baby blues and pinks for us!

How do you and your clients go about choosing colour?

We’ve done two collections with PTTG to date – so 8 colours in total. We try and choose complimentary colours for a range but incorporate some neutrals as well as some very specific colour choices such as lilacs, pinks, blues and greens.

How important is eco to you? How important do you think it should be for people.

I read recently that the emissions in the paint we use rivals those of car and air transport emissions which is really shocking and definitely not common knowledge. Once it’s dry & the smell has gone the chemicals do not disappear as one might imagine, but continue to pollute the air we breathe. I actually find that quite scary as we are surrounded by paint everywhere we go and this just isn’t on everyone’s radar. It needs to be.

Personalised Kids Rule Height Chart – Eco Range

Lovestruck Interiors and eco paint company Paint The Town Green have come together to create a beautiful limited edition range of their Personalised Kids Rule Height Chart.

Paint The Town Green offer  eco-friendly water based paints, perfect for products that go in children’s bedrooms or nurseries as they are great for the environment and for the family. Lovestruck Interiors chose the following for their ‘Summer’ range Sweet Caroline (a soft, dusky pink), Pure and Simple (lilac), Hazy Shade of Winter (green) and Pure Shores (blue). Their ‘Winter’ range comprises Night Swimming (dark blue), Titanium (grey), Made of Stone (browny grey) and Dignity (cream)

Lovestruck Interiors Kids Rule height chart


Paint the Town Green offer an in-house colour consultancy. Our eco-friendly paints have the lowest possible levels of VOCs making them a better choice for you and the environment. All water based, they are odourless, quick drying and come in three finishes: matt, wipeable or eggshell.

For more information about our paints or for a decorating quote, please visit our showroom at 39a&b Allfarthing Lane or call us on 020 8871 0531. 

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