How to create a cosy bedroom sanctuary

As the seasons start to change, it’s the perfect time to refresh your interiors and get cosy during the darker evenings. To help you get inspired this autumn, Suzanne Pearce from family-run interiors brand Casa Bella Furniture shares their top tips for creating your own bedroom sanctuary.


Interior design isn’t just for appearances: our homes can actually be one of the biggest contributors to our overall happiness. In fact, recent studies have found that 73% of people who are happy with their homes also report feeling happier overall in life (Kingfisher). And, considering that we also spend over one-third of our lives asleep (Scientific American), it’s important that each one of us has a comfortable, welcoming bedroom that we look forward to spending time in. 

Whether you work from home or spend your days at the office, having a dedicated space where you can go to switch off and leave work behind can make the world of difference to your life. So, as the evenings start to get colder, here’s how to turn your bedroom into a cosy sanctuary to retreat to this autumn.


Considering colour and light


The colour palette you choose for your bedroom will have a huge impact not only on the way it looks, but also on the way it makes you feel. So, before choosing your colour scheme, be sure to consider things like how much natural light your bedroom gets throughout the day and how many windows you have. This will help you figure out the shades you may want to opt for: for example, while it’s best to paint walls in a lighter colour to brighten up smaller rooms, for larger, well-lit rooms you can be a little more adventurous and experiment with deeper, richer colours or an accent wall.

You may also want to consider colour psychology when refreshing your bedroom interiors. Colour can influence mood more than you may think, so depending on what atmosphere you want your little sanctuary to have, the colour palette may differ. For example, colours on the warmer end of the spectrum like orange, red, and yellow are thought to promote feelings of comfort, creativity, and positivity (WebMD). These shades also happen to make up the classic autumnal colour palette, so not only are they perfect for a seasonal refresh, but they can also create a happy, cosy atmosphere in your bedroom all year round.

However, it’s worth noting that warmer colours like red can also have a stimulating effect. This might be great for any creative hobbies you like to do in your bedroom, but if you need help winding down in the evening then opting for cooler shades like green and blue can be a more tranquil, soothing option to go for.


Make your sanctuary personal to you


Most importantly, your bedroom is only your own personal sanctuary if it’s truly individual to you. We all unwind and decompress in different ways: some of us might want to have a quiet moment with a book, while others may want to get creative with a musical instrument or use their bedroom to work up a sweat with home workouts. So, if you’re unsure where to begin when refreshing your bedroom, start with whatever brings you joy and helps you switch off at the end of the day and design the space accordingly.

For example, a great way to make your room a cosy sanctuary is by creating your own reading nook. This is perfect for getting the most out of an unused corner in your bedroom, or, even better, a window seat. Start by layering textured, soft furnishings like blankets and pillows, adding a small lamp or string of fairy lights for a warm, comforting glow to read by. If you’re feeling handy, add some shelving to display all of your books and magazines close by. You could even move a coffee table or bedside cabinet here and lay out your favourite teapot and herbal teas, so it’s easy for you to curl up with a book and a warm mug of tea before bed. To really bring an autumnal feel to your nook, add candles or incense with sweet, spiced scents like cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg.


Opt for natural, eco-friendly materials


When updating your interiors, it’s also important to consider what materials you use. You might be spending more time indoors as autumn and winter comes around, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep in touch with nature. This might be by experimenting with biophilic design, an emerging interior trend that celebrates the colours, organic shapes, and textures found in nature (Living Future). You might let biophilic design inspire your colour palette (using rich forest greens, sea blues, and sandy beiges), or take this more literally and fill your bedroom with a variety of bright houseplants. Evergreen or winter flowering plants are a great way to keep a pop of colour going throughout the whole season.

Investing in high-quality, solid wood furniture like a bed frame or bookshelf is a more sustainable approach to interior design, not only because these pieces will last for years, but also because they don’t use an excess of synthetic materials or dyes. Incorporating natural textures like wood into your bedroom is also a great way to bring a feel of the great outdoors into your home, even when it’s too chilly to spend the evenings outside.

It’s wise to opt for eco-friendly paints wherever possible, as these tend to use fewer artificial ingredients like solvents. Solvents are often high in VOCs (volatile organic compounds), which can be harmful over long periods of exposure (WebMD). Sourcing eco-friendly alternatives can therefore put your mind at ease, as you know that they’re kinder both to you and the planet.

A change in the seasons is the perfect opportunity to refresh your home interiors, so use these top tips to turn your bedroom into your own personal sanctuary this autumn. For more interior inspiration, news, and updates, be sure to check out our blog.