Colour Trends for 2023

Every year hundreds of brands from Pantone to Dulux make their predictions for the their 'colour of the year'.

These fascinating choices often influence multiple areas of our lives across multiple industries. 

At Paint the Town Green, we wanted to gain insight from some of the leading interior design experts we work with to hear their predictions for the colourful year ahead. 

In this blog, we share our predictions for colour trends for 2023.

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We spoke to Manuela Barbosa Bovill, founder of interior design studio Manu Interiors, about a movement away from bright, sharp whites to more inviting tones.

'For me, off whites are at the top of the list of colour trends for 2023. Paint and Paper Library’s Cotton II is a relaxed neutral that complements darker furnishings in your space, while Atelier Ellis’ Bone, Shell & Quill has a wonderful depth of colour.’

Photo: Paint and Paper Library

Light Browns

The seventies are back with a bang, baby! Design trends tend to be cyclical, and vintage tones are bang on trend for 2023, with light, earthy browns epitomising a retro feel. 

And there’s another reason that natural tones like light brown are coming back into fashion.

Sophie Pringle, Creative Director at interior design and architecture company Pringle and Pringle, suggests that this transition towards natural shades reflects what we as a society have been through in the past few years:

We are definitely moving into a period of earthy tones. The pandemic encouraged us to get back to nature, and this is coming through in the designs that we now see from suppliers. So, with that I have seen a lot more use of tans, browns, greens, and burnt oranges.’

Environmentally-conscious paint company Graphenstone boasts a great selection of pigment-rich earth tones, including Sandstone and Old Bone. Forget dated grey neutrals, bring a sense of the outdoors into the home and create a cosy sanctuary using pale browns.

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Lively Greens

According to Manuela at Manu Interiors, ‘Blues are increasingly making way for cheery (but not too bright!) green hues’. She loves Farrow and Ball’s Breakfast Room Green #81, a lively shade that’s perfect for a sunny spot. 

Light, soft and inviting greens are also on trend, including Farrow and Ball’s Mizzle #266, an understated green/grey.’

Of course, sometimes no matter the trend, you like what you like! Manuela: ‘Even though blues are being replaced with greens, I will always have a place in my heart for Paint and Paper Library’s beautiful deep blue Mockingbird.’

Photo: Farrow & Ball Breakfast Room Green

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Dusky Lavenders & Lilacs

Tranquil lavender and pink tones are a much more playful and interesting alternative to classic greys, helping to achieve a soft, comforting and calming feel in your home in 2023.

Try Lick’s Purple 05a ‘whisper-soft lilac’ with grey base tones that feels understated yet fun. If you’re looking for a pinker shade, Edward Bulmer’s versatile Lilac Pink works well in a hallway or bedroom. 

Photo: Purple 05 Matt, Lick

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Burnt Orange

Another on-trend shade picked out by Sophie Pringle, burnt orange not only radiates warmth, but also works perfectly to complement equally fashionable off whites. This colour is particularly effective if you’re looking to create a rustic feel, and it can highlight any natural wood features in a room really nicely.

Add a touch of drama to a living room with Coat’s Mezcalan ‘intoxicating blackened orange’ that’s perfect for a feature wall.

Photo: Mezcal, COAT

We hope that this article gives you some ideas for on-trend colour schemes for your 2023 redecoration plans.

For more inspiration, head to our interior inspiration section. 

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