Happy Father’s Day

16th June 2017

Dad’s are the best. They help us with all those things we should have learnt to do for ourselves by now.  Instead of calling a handyman, many of us still turn to our Dads and their trusty toolbags. Or for emotional support, or tips with cooking.  Basically our Dads have got our backs.  This Father’s Day we send all Fathers and Father figures our very best wishes and say a massive Thank You to Dads everywhere.

Our founder Phil Robinson is Dad to 2 children and when he became a father, he decided to take action to make the world a slightly better place.  As a decorator, his concern was the potential harmful impact the paint he was using had on him and his team, his clients, and in particular, their families.

The more he looked into it, the more he realised that conventional paints release toxic fumes into people’s houses. He discovered that many of these fumes have been proven to be carcinogenic, cause breathing difficulties and provoke allergic reactions. Not to mention the huge amount of waste caused when non-environmentally friendly paints are produced. *

Paint The Town Green’s eco paint has extremely low VOC levels, meaning it doesn’t give off toxic fumes as it dries, and won’t leave that lingering paint smell in your home. It’s safe to have babies and children in the house whilst you paint and you can rest assured they are not breathing in any nasty chemicals.

Phil’s motivation for setting up Paint The Town Green and using paint with no toxic fumes all stemmed from becoming a Father. You see, Dad’s are the best !!

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