Interior Decorating

At Paint The Town Green we provide an all-encompassing boutique home decorating service, always to exacting standards and under the supervision of our operations manager. Phil can also often be found on site ensuring that our code of conduct document, issued to all our decorators, is being adhered to meticulously.

All our decorators are fully insured, DBS checked and work to the highest standards.

Customers receive a handbook before the start of the work to help explain exactly what will be happening during the project and why.

We will also run through the schedule before we start, so logistics such as where family members will sleep, eat and watch TV during the work are all factored into the plan of action.

The only way to ensure a high quality of finish is to carry out the correct preparation prior to painting and we pride ourselves on this, always ensuring that enough time is allowed for in our costs to prepare surfaces thoroughly and correctly before any paint is applied.

All furniture and flooring is thoroughly protected before work commences and different type of floor protection is used for different types of floors to ensure that nothing is damaged.

As well as general making good and filling in all the cracks, we can also line walls, plaster walls as well as make minor repairs to timber, fit cornice… the list goes on.


Exterior Decorating

At Paint the Town Green we carry out all aspects of exterior decoration. Although our own paint range is only for interiors, we use suitable paints and fillers for exterior work to ensure longevity and take great pride in delivering the same exacting standards as we do with our interior work.

We work with several reputable scaffolding companies and include arranging and supervising the erecting and dismantling of any necessary scaffolding in our remit so the work can be carried out safely and efficiently.

For those concerned about security we can fit a temporary alarm to the scaffolding for the duration of the works.

As with our interior decorating, all necessary preparation work is meticulously carried out before any paint is applied. If we discover any rotten timber or crumbling render that needs replacing or repairing, this will be done correctly and thoroughly before the area is painted.

The fillers and paints used for exterior decorating don’t perform efficiently at low temperatures or in damp conditions (this is the case with all brands). Attempting to carry out exterior decoration in wet, cold conditions will compromise the longevity of the work. For this reason we generally advise clients not to carry out exterior work between Halloween and Easter. However, it is wise to get the work quoted for as soon as you decide you’d like to have it done so we can get you booked in as soon as spring arrives!


Wallpaper Hanging

We have several highly skilled wall paper hangers in our team and are regularly recommended by wallpaper suppliers to their customers. We can advise on any preparation necessary to walls prior to hanging the paper and can then carry out that preparation work as necessary

Once you have chosen your wallpaper, we can advise you on how may rolls you will need to order for the room and we ensure that the correct paste is used as recommended by the paper manufacturer.