Wallpaper Hanging

Do you hang wallpaper is a question we often get asked. Wall papering is a niche skill and not everybody knows how to do it but we do.

We have several highly-skilled wallpaper hangers in our team and are regularly recommended by wallpaper suppliers to their customers. We can advise on any preparation necessary to walls prior to hanging the paper and then carry out that preparation work as necessary.

We have hung all types of wallpaper and we don’t shy away from even the most expensive, delicate kinds. With our extensive knowledge we often advise our customers which suppliers to go to for certain styles.

Once you have chosen your wallpaper, we also tell you how many rolls you will need to order and ensure that the correct paste is used, as different paper manufacturers recommend certain types.

Phil lectures on decorating at leading London interior design school KLC and tells students about the pitfalls encountered when it comes to wallpapering; from sloping floors to wonky ceilings, from getting the pattern repeat right to papering into nooks and crannies, they soon realise it is a particular skill that requires a great deal of experience.

Wallpaper really doesn’t look its best if not hung well. Done properly and it can give your home an added wow factor. For all wallpaper hanging enquiries, please get in touch at hellodecorating@paintthetowngreen.co.uk.