Exterior Decorating

Exterior decorating

At Paint the Town Green we have painted the outside of hundreds of homes. Although our own paint range is only for interiors, we use suitable paints and fillers for exterior work to ensure longevity and take great pride in delivering the same exacting standards as we do with our interior work.

We work with several reputable scaffolding companies and include arranging and supervising the erecting and dismantling of any scaffolding required for the job so that the work can be carried out safely and efficiently.

For those concerned about security we can fit a temporary alarm to the scaffolding for the duration of the works.

As with our interior decoration, all necessary preparation work is meticulously carried out before any paint is applied. If we discover any rotten timber or crumbling render that needs replacing or repairing, this can be quickly identified, any necessary remedial work detailed and costed accordingly, and the work carried out correctly and thoroughly before the area is painted.

Fillers and paints used for exterior decorating don’t perform as efficiently at low temperatures or in damp conditions; this is the case for all brands. Attempting to carry out exterior decoration in wet and cold conditions will compromise the longevity of the work. For this reason we generally advise clients not to carry out exterior work between Halloween and Easter. However, it is wise to get the work quoted for as soon as possible so we can get it booked in to start as soon as spring arrives.

Exterior decorating is, for many, a bit of an unknown – so much so, we have written a blog about it. Read it here to find out all the things to think about when decorating the outside of your home; including thinking about the weather, what type of paint to use, how to clean and prepare masonry and woodwork.

If you are considering decorating your home exterior and would like a quote, please email hellodecorating@paintthetowngreen.co.uk