Colour blocking – a thing of the past that just won’t go away

7th November 2017

Paint The Town Green

Colour blocking has been around a long time in fashion and it is a concept most of us are familiar with in the context of clothing. The infamous 60’s is probably the most notable era that springs to mind. Sixties fashion loved mismatched, solid, separate blocks of different colour. Yves Saint Laurent was an advocate in his collections. The catwalk still to this days rolls out colour blocking. Designer Victoria Beckham for one is a fan.

The original idea with colour blocking is to pair contrasting colours together without any uniform pattern to make interesting and complementary colour combinations. It originated from the artwork of Dutch painter, Piet Mondrian. An artist at the turn of the century, his painting were a collection of stark lines and flat squares and then later abstract geometric shapes. Mondrian valued simplicity and effect.

As fashion so often does, it has crept into the world of interior design. Just as with fashion, many may think it is only for the brave. However, this is a myth. Colour blocking in the home is a clever and creative way of playing with space and dimensions and creating mood and personality.

Roanna Day writing for Red magazine back in February this year reassured readers that colour blocking doesn’t have to be garish. It is as simple as choosing the colours you love and pairing them together. It may be you opt for a stark monochrome look or a more subtle relaxing pallet may be more to your liking.

Whatever your style – vintage, contemporary or country, you can colour block to your heart’s content. It’s fun, creative and it is bound to wow. As well, it needn’t just mean walls in the home with geometric clashes of colour. You can use furniture and accessories to colour block with fantastic effect. Or you can just break up wall colour with simple colour blocking like on this hallway here, which Paint the Town Green did for a client. The banister is as much a feature as the two tone walls, shown here in Night Swimming and the end result is incredibly striking.

Have a look at our latest Pinterest board for ideas on colour blocking or come to our showroom where we have colour blocked using Nicky Haslam colours, wonderfully vibrant Tiger’s Eye against Agate and Diorite.

The point of writing about colour blocking is to encourage people to have a go. It’s fun, it’s creative and it is can just look so very good indeed!

Paint the Town Green offer a full colour consultancy. Our eco-friendly paints have the lowest possible levels of VOCs making them a better choice for you and the environment. All water based, they are odourless, quick drying and come in three finishes: matt, wipeable and eggshell.

For more information, please visit our showroom 39a&b Allfarthing Lane or call us on 020 8871 0531.

Credits: Hallway in Night Swimming by Paint the Town Green. Photography by Paul Craig. 

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