Case Study : Redecorating a high end retail store without losing customers

4th May 2017

Paint The Town Green

Redecorating a high end retail outlet

CASE STUDY: Eileen Fisher


Was the shop left clean and tidy so you could open easily the next day?

Yes the store was left is a very clean state each of the mornings after the painting. We only had to carry out  the usual housekeeping duties that we would do on a normal day. We were very impressed by the way the guys had left the store and this definitely helped with us recovering the store the next day as we had the task of  returning the clothing stock to the sales floor in preparation for opening. Finding the store in such a clean state definitely aided us and made our job easier.

Was there a strong paint smell?

No not at all. This was also great as we could open the doors and trade straight away  after each night of painting, without is causing an issue for the customer or the team members.

It also meant that we did not have to worry about the possibility of the smell of paint permeating our clothing product.

How do you feel about the finish and general look of your store now?

The store looks great, very clean and fresh. It definitely makes our store look brighter and compliments our clothing product.  The finish is ideal for us for being a store environment we get lots of footfall through the store and it is easy to maintain and keep clean.

Would you be happy to recommend Paint The Town Green’s decorating service and their environmentally friendly paint?

I would have no problem at all in recommending Paint The  Town Green and their services. From start to finish Phil, Graham and their teams were on hand and professional throughout all the stages of the  works. The communication was clear and concise and the schedule of works were delivered on time. They were friendly and considerate of our working environment especially with us being a retail business and nothing was too much trouble for them.  It was a pleasure to have them on this project and I would not hesitate to work with them again in the future. There was no stress involved and they definitely made our lives and job easier due to their attention to detail, are and consideration.

Requirement: To refresh the decoration without losing customers whilst work was undertaken

Approach: Paint The Town Green’s Decorators undertook the work overnight, when the store was closed. The quick drying eco paint does not give off toxic fumes or require long periods of airing out, so the store could be opened again the next morning.

Results:  A high quality finish throughout, creating a fresh and bright atmosphere. No disruption to opening hours.

Benefits: A high end look was achieved by Paint The Town Green’s decorators using our own brand of environmentally friendly paint, which is in keeping with Eileen Fisher’s stance on environmental issues.

There was no loss of customers as all work was completed outside of opening hours and as the paint has no lingering smell neither the garments, staff or customers were affected.

Colour Used:  Dream On

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