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27th July 2018

Together with The Decor CafeJuliette TraversMaitland and Poate and Clara Bee, we recently hosted an event at the Paint the Town Green showroom to talk about how to bring your home to life with colour and pattern. The event was inspired by the fact that homeowners are turning to colour and pattern more and more to introduce brighter, bolder and more uplifting looks into their homes. We have not written it up until now as we wanted to wait a while before reliving it all over again! It was a fabulous, most enjoyable morning. We got super feedback from all our guests – all customers with home refurbishment projects on the go, interior designers and interior/lifestyle bloggers.

It felt like a jam-packed event and we were delighted with the level of interest in all the individual brand stories: how they had started and how they had got to where they are now.

First up was Phil – our very own Paint the Town Founder. Phil talked about why he started his own range of eco-paints and how he arrived at the current colour chart.

As is so often the case, it started with a need. Phil wanted eco-paint but didn’t feel the eco-offering at the time offered what he looked for in terms of colour, density, and range. With a real understanding of what his decorating customers truly wanted and keen to keep things contemporary yet versatile, Phil launched his own eco-range with uncompromising colour and quality. The original colour chart (watch our video where Phil waves it about at one point) used hand painted stickers. His spare bedroom became for a while a dedicated production line!

The world of paint seems so easy with the amount of colour options available but it was only when Phil pointed out quite how limitless the options are with each colour a mix of varying quantities of different pigments, the realisation dawned – how does one ever arrive on a colour when the options are so infinite?

Phil chose his colours based on what he knew his decorating clients wanted and when the showroom opened, he narrowed down the choice to a core 36 colours which from his many years of decorating homes, he knew to be the colours that people would choose time and time again for the walls in their home. He admits that while for some, the refined choice is sometimes limiting, the smaller range is for many who feel overwhelmed by too much choice a huge relief.

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