Adding Interest with Paint by Phil Robinson

6th July 2017

Paint The Town Green

Paint The Town Green’s tips for adding interest with paint 

Consider a dark ceiling.  It sounds controversial but can add a feeling of grandeur to the room.  If you have a cornice try painting the bed of the ceiling (the flat section facing the floor) a shade darker than the walls. Paint the cornice in a suitable white to highlight the break between ceiling and wall.

This picture is from a collaboration with Trinity Interior Designs, the colours featured are Private Universe on the Walls, Days on the Ceiling and River Man on the recess of the bookshelves.

Use a dark colour inside a bookshelf. A light colour on the front edges will give it a more subtle finish and emphasize the three dimensional aspect. Try our colour Purple Rain inside with Pictures of You on the edges and walls.

Colour isn’t just for walls. Flip traditional style on its head. Paint walls in a neutral tone and bring a splash of colour in through the woodwork, doors, skirting boards and windows or any fitted joiner 

Experiment with dark colour. Dark colours are becoming more popular for larger rooms but to build confidence, start small. Redecorate the downstairs loo with a rich blue like our colour Fisherman’s Blues.

Wipeable or moisture resistant paint Great for kitchens and bathrooms, and their ceilings where the condensation gathers. Wipeable emulsion is good in the hallway under the dado rail if you have small children.  It is more durable when faced with scooters, bikes and boots .

As featured in NappyValley Net Design and Build Guide 2017

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