Do you want to work with us?

For the past couple of years Paint the Town Green have pretty much had to recruit every month, be it for painters and decorators we partner with, to working supervisors or head office positions. As a result, we have met all sorts of people and reviewed hundreds of CVs. We thought it might be useful for us to give our thoughts on the recruitment process to help candidates have the best chance to shine.

When there are in excess of one hundred applicants for one position, those serious about getting the role really need to think about how they can stand out.

A great place to start is a well-thought-out cover letter which talks about why you want the role specifically at Paint the Town Green, whilst ensuring you get your personality across – a CV that might otherwise be rejected tends to get a “wild card” shot if a cover letter which shows pride and tenacity is included.

You might think it goes without saying that a CV which is up to date is important too but all too often people send in an out-of-date CV. A lot of people are drawn to the same phrases which they know is required for the role – “I am hardworking/ honest / reliable” / “I am an excellent communicator” / “I am motivated”. Whilst these are attributes we are looking for, they are so overused that it would be great to have some descriptive words about you which are a little outside of the box.

Another way to get attention could be to politely follow up after you have submitted your application via email – it brings you to the forefront of our mind and also shows a level of commitment to getting the role.

Have a read of the job description and make sure you include in your CV or Cover Letter examples of how you fit with what we’ve said – you’ll show you aren’t someone who has just applied for hundreds of roles without really taking any notice of what you are applying for. If you don’t have the exact thing requested but think you have some relevant experience which helps, tell us all about it.

Over the past year we have adapted our interview style to make use of technology – if you aren’t comfortable using a system such as zoom, try and practice ahead of the interview or don’t be afraid about asking. One applicant recently asked if it was possible to meet in-person so we did and it was a great interview. Another applicant messaged me to say that they hadn’t used zoom before but were getting help in downloading and testing it prior to the interview. It was great because when they were on the zoom call on time and it all worked perfectly, it was extra kudos to them for being proactive. We know these things can be daunting but being proactive about it will help you feel in control and calmer during the interview.

In an interview, remember no one there wants you to fail – we are interviewing you because we think you’re a contender so don’t let nerves stand in your way. It’s always encouraging when someone has researched us as a company and when they get excited about the work we do. We feel privileged to do the work we do. The first thing you see when you go onto our website is “creating spaces to be proud of” – tell us what this means to you and you’re bound to catch our attention!

You can view current posts on our Recruitment page. We always welcome speculative applications – so if you think you have something to contribute to Paint the Town Green get in touch!