2020 interior design trends and forever classics

21st October 2019

There is something reassuring about trends. Be that interior design, fashion, or music, there is comfort in being guided towards what is decided by a handful of influential voices as the ‘right choice’ at a given time. Whole industries are being built on this ‘right choice’ at the ‘right time’. But equally, it looks as if the trends have had their heyday and creatives are now following their own vision, getting inspiration from the most unexpected sources, with some looking towards the future, and some back to the past.

London Design Month is now over and Paint the Town Green has visited Decorex, as well as 100% Design, to take in the latest trends and faces, but also to feast our eyes on a celebration of ideas that never go out of style. Here are our top highlights of both trends and forever classics.

Sustainability in design is here to stay

It was such a joy to see more and more brands with sustainable credentials. Take, for instance, our favourite in the category from 100% Design, Tedzukuri Atelier. Based in Paris, the brand sells its unique eco-friendly handmade lighting via its website. The unique origami style shapes are made from either paper or eco-wood (showcased at the festival, among others, was a beautiful pendant light made from banana tree bark) giving unique design a clean conscience. Needless to say, what might have started as a trend for the forward thinking, eco-choices have now become an all-time must. At Paint the Town Green we’re proud of our eco-friendly credentials and we’re glad to be part of such an important movement.

Colour is King… and Queen

It’s official: it’s time to ditch those all-white walls and express yourself through colour. The bolder the better. From deep purple or teal tones mixed with gold at the Arte International display, velvety mustard and powder blue at Covet House, to electric orange accents at Pooky Lighting, this year’s Decorex showcase was a masterclass on how to do colour right, no-trends attached. If you’re looking to decorate your home and you’re drawn to rich colours then look no further than Paint the Town Green and Nicky Haslam’s beautiful The Stones’ collection. If you’re keen on colour but royal Agate and Tiger’s Eye are a bit too much for you, why not try our Pure and Simple lavender shade, or the fresh Fields of Athenry green.

Arte International, Decorex 2019 as seen by Paint the Town Green

Arte International, Decorex 2019

Covet House, Decorex 2019

Covet House, Decorex 2019

Paint the Town Green admires Pooky Lighting at Decorex 2019

Pooky Lighting. Decorex 2019

Minimal vs Decorative

We quite often see that when one visually strong trend emerges, the complete opposite is only a short way from gaining momentum. It happened in the 18th and 19th centuries when a stern neo-classic design followed the frills and thrills of the very much on trend (at the time) style of Rococo. It happened when the eighties luxe was followed by the minimalist nineties. And so it happens again when the pure and stripped down Scandi-Style trend is now balanced by sheer opulence of textures, accessories and colours, taking inspiration from bygone eras as seen in the exquisitely decorative spaces created at Decorex by These White Walls Studios, or the beautiful work of art wallpapers and textiles at Salon Libertine (which we are proud to showcase in our Wandsworth Town showroom). Because we’re keen to celebrate all time classics but also stay on top of trends, at Paint the Town Green we like nothing more than to help you navigate your way through all your inspirations, no matter how decorative or minimalist your personal taste, so that we can create a space that strikes just the right balance for you.

These White Walls, Studio 1

These White Walls, Studio 1 at Decorex 2019

Now the floor is yours. We would love to meet you and discover what inspires you, what projects will turn your creative dreams to reality, and how we can help make that happen in your home. Trends or no-trends attached.


Paint the Town Green offer an in-house colour consultancy. Our eco-friendly paints have the lowest possible levels of VOCs making them a better choice for you and the environment. All water based, they are odourless, quick drying and come in three finishes: matt, wipeable or eggshell.

For more information about our paints or for a decorating quote, please visit our showroom at 39a&b Allfarthing Lane or call us on 020 8871 0531.


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