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Bedrooms are our sanctuaries and getting the atmosphere right is essential. Often our colour consultancies start here and the scheme evolves from what is decided for the bedroom.

cream walls and cornice trim with en-suite bathroom
Stunning guest room with cream walls and en-suite for Salvesen Graham
cream walls, upholstered bed and frill armchair in bedroom
Cream walls, upholstered bed and cosy armchair for Salvesen Graham in Richmond
cream fitted wardrobes with fabric
Off-white fitted wardrobes we painted for Salvesen Graham in this bedroom
MariellLindHansen 7622
Matching pink walls and fitted joinery in this bedroom in Wandsworth
MariellLindHansen 7657 copy
A spare room full of neutral tones overlooking Wandsworth Common
MariellLindHansen 7366
A stunning neutral bedroom painted in Little Greene overlooking Wandsworth Common