Dark Side of the Moon


Fancy journeying to the Dark Side of the Moon? This warm grey is rich and full of intrigue.

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Paint the Town Green paint has extremely low VOC levels which is better for you and better for the environment. Free from toxic fumes and odours, our water-based paints are quick-drying too, so rooms can be re-occupied as soon as the brushes have been packed up!

Although we have tried our best, we aren’t in control of your monitor settings so we can’t promise that the colour is exactly as you are seeing it on-screen. So, the best thing is for us to send you a colour chart which is painted with our actual paint.

Our Matt emulsion and Wipeable emulsion paints come in two tin sizes. 2.5L and 5L. Eggshell comes in 1L and 2.5L tins. Our Grepp primer is available in 750ml or 2.5L tins.

Do I need a primer?

It all depends what surface you are painting onto. For example, if you are painting onto wood that has already been primed, then you don’t need a primer. You can just apply your top coats. If you are painting directly onto wood, you will need a primer.

In layman’s terms, a primer ensures that the paint has a surface to stick onto. We sell Grepp. It is not our own brand but it is our brand of choice. It’s a fast-drying white pigmented Primer which acts as a two-in-one undercoat and primer. It also acts as a sealant and stain block and provides excellent adhesion to most surfaces. 

How much paint do I need?

The colour you choose will also affect how much paint you need. If you are painting a light colour over a dark one, you are likely to need more coats. Or if you have high ceilings, you will need more paint than you perhaps realise for your walls. You can use our paint calculator which can give you a steer and this table as a rough guide.


Size (m. sq)

Estimated Litres


2 x 2

2.5 L

Small to medium bedroom

4 x 4

5 L

Large bedroom, living room or kitchen

4 x 6

7.5 L

Large living area or extended kitchen

6 x 8

10 L


You can order paint via our website or by phoning the showroom direct and we do offer a free ‘click and collect service’. We can deliver paint to anywhere in the UK. For overseas delivery, please get in touch.

As a small company, we regret we are not yet at the stage of being able to offer our customers free delivery. We work hard however to get the best delivery prices for you. All our prices are inclusive of VAT and we offer a standard three to five day delivery although sometimes, customers get their paint earlier than this. If you need paint urgently, we can offer also a next day delivery.

More information, click here.

Paint Finishes

We offer three types of interior finish: Matt Emulsion, Wipeable Emulsion and Eggshell.

Matt Emulsion and Wipeable Emulsion are for walls and ceilings and Eggshell is for interior wood e.g. skirting boards, dado rails, doors, freestanding and fitted furniture, including kitchens. Simple. So, the only decision you need to make really is whether you want a very flat matt finish or whether it is important to you to be able to wipe down your walls.

Matt Emulsion gives a lovely, chalky, matt finish on walls and ceilings.

Wipeable is exactly that: wipeable. With this finish the marks left by small hands or muddy wellies can be easily removed with a damp cloth. That’s why we recommend Wipeable in heavy traffic areas of the home such as hallways, bathrooms and kitchens. It is similar in look to Matt Emulsion but has a very low, barely-there sheen.

Eggshell looks a bit like…eggshell and is naturally hard-wearing, with a very light sheen common to this kind of finish.

To see the different finishes for yourself, visit our showroom. Occasionally with some colours, there are very slight variations in colour between finishes within the accepted tolerances. In situ it is not noticeable but we’d rather mention it as we prefer our customers to be fully informed. All our sample pots come in Matt Emulsion and our colour charts are painted in Wipeable.

Top Tips

When measuring up a room to work out how much paint you need, don’t forget to discount fitted wardrobes, kitchen units and windows as this reduces the amount of wall space you need to cover.

Do think about the surface you are painting onto. Is it primed or does it need a primer/undercoat? Equally important is what type of paint is already on the walls. Our paint is water-based and it won’t adhere well to a wall which has used an oil-based paint. If you don’t know what the paint is that you want to paint over, be guided by the level of sheen. If you can see a clear sheen, it would be best practise to sand the wall down and prime it first.

When painting kitchens, be clear to your decorator about what type of finish you are after. Some customers prefer paint to be applied with a brush as they feel brush marks add to the charm of a hand painted kitchen. Others specify a roller for a more even finish.

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Paint Prices

100ml 750ml 1L 2.5L 5L
Matt Emulsion £39.00 £65.50
Wipeable Emulsion £43.00 £72.50
Eggshell £28.00 £56.00
Grepp £17.50 £47.50
Samples £4.00
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