A Kentish Evening of Delightful Design

6th June 2019 5.30pm Sissinghurst Location House, Kent

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On June 6th 2019, Paint the Town Green Founder, Phil Robinson will be joining Noble Deeds for a Kentish Evening of Delightful Design.

Noble Deeds, an Artisan fabric and wallpaper company with a passion for the Bohemian lifestyle will be showcasing their first collections at the sensational Sissinghurst Location House in Kent.

When founder Francisca de Brauw invited Paint the Town Green to showcase our range of eco-paints as part of their launch event at this stunning venue, we just couldn’t say no. Phil will be one of three collaborators alongside Generous Gardener and Cheeky Chairs. There guests will be able to experience amongst others ‘Entropy’, ‘A Day Given’ & ‘Flurry’ featured alongside Nicky Haslam’s ‘Feldspar’ and ‘Peridot’ and our ‘Night Swimming’ and ‘Wuthering Heights’. It promises to be a most inspirational evening.

The designs that form Noble Deeds ‘Bright Young Things’ fabric and wallpaper collection, incorporates their philosophy and passion for the creativity expressed in the country houses of Charleston Farmhouse, Sissinghurst Castle and the bohemian lifestyle and outlook of their inhabitants.

The designs are all inspired by the little incidences in life, whether it’s from a conversation with a neighbour, a Summer’s afternoon walk through local orchards or a chance encounter with a frost pattern on a car windscreen. These humble beginnings are then explored further and developed into designs with thought, contemplation, honesty and love of the simple things life offers.

If you are based in Kent and would be keen to attend, please email info@nobledeeds.co.uk



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Noble Deeds

Founders Kate Martin and Francisca de Brauw are friends, artists, parents, modern women who believe that our homes area  source of, and gallery for, creativity.

They want their designs to stand out, but also remind us of the simple things in life; transforming our ideas into materials to be enjoyed.

Their first wallpaper collection ‘Bright Young Things’ concentrate on contemplative designs that embody their Noble Deeds philosophy.