Colour Consultancy


We offer a free colour consultation to all our clients, either in our showroom if you are coming in to buy paint, or on site for any potential London decorating projects. This can help to spark colour schemes that clients might not have thought of as well as guide them through our colour chart. We work with our colours every day in a multitude of environments so we know what will work well and where.

There are many factors to consider, the main one being the light. Light plays such an important part in how your colour looks. A colour can look darker or lighter, bluer or greener in different homes. This can sometimes result in a eureka moment where the colour is more perfect that you could ever have imagined or it may make you re-think your colour choice ending up with a colour scheme you actually prefer. We urge customers to not rush the process of choosing colour but to enjoy it.

Sometimes, customers come into the showroom without a starting point or an idea but they bring with them a fabric swatch or a tile and immediately ideas start flowing and before they know it they are suddenly feeling excited with different possibilities. Often too, they surprise themselves. The neutrally-inclined person sometimes ends up with a really bold colour choice and vice versa. It’s the fun part. You get to play with ideas until you reach a point where you are confident with what you have chosen. 

For a complimentary colour consultation, please visit our showroom at 39a&b Allfarthing Lane in Wandsworth, London. Alternatively, if you are after a quote for any upcoming London decorating projects then contact